When ‘Aesthetic Advisor’ Paul Hefting left the Dutch Post & Telecom ‘Art & Design’ division, a publication (De Ideale Postzegel) was issued to celebrate his many contributions to the division. Ton was invited to contribute. A imaginary stamp was design and ‘published’ in a simulated newspaper article: “Completely new stamp system introduced – because with the departure of Paul a way had to be found to issue stamps without the involvement of graphic the designers”. The end of a long history of excellent stamp design in The Netherlands. 1994 © PTT

After his departure from Studio Dumbar, Ton establish his own design agency ‘Van Bragt Ontwerpen”. He was commissioned to design a ‘poster’ to feature all PTT logo variants and its applications. He came up with a small and nifty ‘Logo Wijzer’ (Logo Wiser Guide) that could be carried around by PTT print managers on the road doing press-checks.

PTT_TelephoneChip_Holder Ton was commissioned to design the first telephone card that featured a chip. A accompanying presentation folder was designed (based on a die-cut template created by Rene van Raalte). German Red Dot Award for Communications.

Every year a ‘Zoo Agenda’ is published by zooproducties.nl. Ton created this one in 1994. A collection of self-created, semi-scientific stories loosely based on the central theme of ‘The relativity of time and space’. The date numbers on each week spread expand and contract throughout while the days (m, t, w etc) circle around the numbers. The artwork of each spread was drawn by hand. German Red Dot Award for Communications.