Ton van Bragt Design was invited to develop and deliver a pitch proposal for a logo and brand identity for Quigbei Online School (part of Bytedance) in China.
(with creative support from Nicosia Creative Expresso Pte. Ltd. and Albert Leeflang)

Design concept rationale:

Utilizing ‘digital code’ 1010101 in the icon is being build and completed as it accumulates knowledge through AI. Likewise is the child learning and accumulating knowledge assisted by sophisticated digital technology.

The theme will function as the symbol (icon) next to the logo (word mark). The two elements are combined in a flexible manner, sometimes with the emphasis on the ‘QingBei Online School’ element, sometimes on the symbol representing learning, which is always evolving and exploratory.

The motif can be rigit or playful, monochrome or colorful, depending on the application, target age etc. This visual motif will be great for motion graphics.

For the ‘teacher’ we propose a friendly, approachable (female) avatar (digital) combined with real life student imagery in a light photography style.

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