Business of Design Week Hong Kong 2008 / Local Dutch exhibition graphics and collateral. As part of the Business of Design Week a small group of Dutch designers in Hong Kong established “Local Dutch”. This brochure and exhibition had as main objective to introduce the group.


Pimpin’ Dutch
Everyone has cherished objects that are damaged or useless otherwise but can’t be parted with. Visitors were invited to bring a personal (damaged) object that had a special meaning to them. A small team of brilliant Dutch designers would pimp these object with a Dutch Touch. ‘Clients’ were thrilled to see their belongings starting a new life.

This project was part of the Business of Design Week Hong Kong and initiated by Esther van Wijck, Sjoerd Hoekstra and Danny Fang. Ton was responsible for the graphics.

People’s Paint
This self-initiated project was part of the Detour / Business of Design Week Hong Kong. A outline of Dutch iconic art was printed on a wall. Visitors could “Paint by Numbers” to complete the image. The process was captured in time-lapse.



Wit & Thrift

Graphic design for a mini-exhibition of classic twentieth century design from the Netherlands.Curation and exhibition design. Concept and design by Sjoerd Hoekstra
November – December 2008, Former Meatpackers, 208 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong.

ton van bragt design