Photo Exhibition “Gagal” Bali

Ton held an exhibition of his works. The images were shot with a Nikon F3 on black&white film. The film was ruined and scratched. After developing and digitising the images they were highly edited in LightRoom. “The titel “Gagal” means “failure” in Bahasa Indonesia, but I loved the results and decided to have an exhibition. …


Quigbei Online School China (proposal)

Ton van Bragt Design was invited to develop and deliver a pitch proposal for a logo and brand identity for Quigbei Online School (part of Bytedance) in China. (with creative support from Nicosia Creative Expresso Pte. Ltd. and Albert Leeflang) Design concept rationale: Utilizing ‘digital code’ 1010101 in the icon is being build and completed …

ton van bragt design